Route 20 Road Challenge Series 2015


2013 Route 20 Road Challenge Series2015 is the 16th annual season of the Route 20 Road Challenge Series. Each of the events listed is a community based run/walk event promoted by the Route 20 Association of New York State as Stewards of the Route 20 Scenic Byway. From 7 events in 2000 to to 32 events in 2014.

WIN BY PARTICIPATING! Complete just 4 events, win a $5 gift card to either Stewart's Shops or Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes. Complete 7 events and win a $10 gift card to Price Chopper Supermarkets. Complete 10 events and win a pair of running pants with the 2015 Route 20 Road Challenge Series logo.

A downloadable printable 2015 Route 20 Road Challenge Series Schedule is will be available by clicking below.  If you have questions about any of the events listed, contact the Race Director listed with that race.

**If you are a Run/Walk event and would like to join the 2015 series, or if you have questions, contact either Craig North or Bill Kosina  at their contact information below.


Road Challenge Series Coordinator: Craig North
Road Challenge Series Assistant Coordinator: Bill Kosina
Route 20 Association Contact:

Bill Kosina
 (see above)

 These amazing runners completed twelve or more Route 20 Challenge races last year:  Mark RuaneSusan Will, Ralph Rathbun,  SarahRathbunJessica Powers, Marylou Pustay,  and Dick Benner.

Mark Ruane:

He has been running for 10 years, the last 5 years with the road challenge.   Mark is running at 59 and still going strong.   His most memorable race was his first half marathon.  Mark did not think he could run that far, but he did.   On and off road running is Mark’s favorite types of runs.  He states that the Route 20 Road Challenge and the Utica Road Runners help to keep him motivated.  He runs 20 races a year.  Mark says that his favorite race is the Zone 10K.  He would like to see more10K races on the Road Challenge.

Sarah Rathbun:

Sarah has been walking for 3 years and doing the Route 20 Challenge for the same amount of time.  She has won two consecutive clothing awards and now has both the running pants and jacket to match. She likes to see everyone at the races and enjoys walking with a group.  Her most memorable race was in Hamilton because she did very well that day.  Sarah enjoys flat road races the best and road races themselves keep her motivated to do more!  Her least favorite is Millers Mills because of the challenging hills.  She enjoys the Route 20 Road Challenge as it is and would not change a thing.  Her ultimate goal is to keep establishing friendships on the race series and looks forward to continued success maintaining as well as adding to her group of running and walking friends.

Ralph Rathbun:

Ralph has been running for about 4 years now and participating in the Road Challenge the entire time.  He has also received the running pants and jacket.  Ralph likes training and race days.  Training sessions find him alone but he likes to run with others on race day.  His most memorable race was his first Boilermaker!  He ran the 5K and really got into the crowds and the music!  Ralph likes road racing and X-Country but is not into the mud races.  He runs for health and stays motivated by signing up for races.  Overall, he likes how he feels after running!  Millers Mills is his favorite Road Challenge race because of their homemade ice cream!  Coming from the Millers Mills area he enjoys seeing the people (once a year) that he knows and has friendships with.  He ends with this quote “running is the best”!!

MaryLou Pustay:

MaryLou has been running for about the last 5 years.  She has received 4 clothing awards during that time.  She would have made it 5 for 5 but foot surgery prevented that!  The challenge of trying to complete as many races in the series is the driving force behind her motivation.  Finishing the 15K Boilermaker was one of her most memorable moments!  MaryLou prefers road races and likes the Zone Run the best, out of the Road Challenge Series.  A suggestion that she has, and it is a very good one, is for more pictures of the runners that make up the Road Challenge on the website, facebook, etc!!  Another great idea is for the Route 20 to have a blog site where runners and walkers could arrange for carpooling to the various races that make up the Route 20 Road Challenge.  Great ideas MaryLou!!!


Jessica Powers:

Jessica has been running for 3 years.  She started indoors at a gym and eventually transitioned outside when weather permitted.  2014 was the first year that she participated in the Road Challenge and felt a great deal of satisfaction and overall feeling of accomplishment when she earned the running pants!  Jessica runs by herself, both in training and on race day.  She feels that running after work is a great help in unwinding from the stress of the day.  Race day keeps her motivated to do the best that she can and to work at improving her overall time as she likes the idea of a new P.R.!  One of Jessica’s most memorable runs was Millers Mills.  She had heard how hard the hills were there and even though she is not usually good on hills, her finishing time was around the time she obtains in other 5K’s!  Jessica enjoys road races the most and is motivated by the fact that her hard work has allowed her to drop 40 pounds!  Having her friends and family members continue to encourage her and that they feel that Jessica inspires them is also a great motivating factor!  She feels great about her weight and runs to just stay in shape!  Her favorite Road Challenge race was the Yellow Brick Road Run.  Jessica usually runs 5K’s and this is an 8K, great challenge!  It also has scenery changes from road to trails and back to road!  Jessica likes the idea of having more races on the Series, more choices!


Susan Will:

Susan recalls walking for many years, after lunch at work, dinner, whenever she could fit it in.  One day a friend signed her up for the 5 miler Heart Run.  After that the Boilermaker was in her sights.  She ran it for the next 12 years!  In 2010 Sue’s running group signed up for Millers Mills and that was her introduction to the Route 20 Road Challenge Series!  Besides enjoying the peace of mind she gets from running Sue enjoys socializing with other runners and catching up on training news.  She considers each Boilermaker she ran in to be the most memorable as the crowds carry you the last two plus miles to the finish!  From the first at age 47 to the last at age 60, Utica in July was and always will have a special place in her heart!  Sue likes road races but is entertaining the idea of doing more off road races in the future.  Sue says that getting the running legs going every year is hard but once moving it becomes easier.  Her 5 favorite races on the Road Challenge are West Winfield (home town), Millers Mills (atmosphere, activities, and ice cream), the Mad Cow (how about that name?), and the Eaton Run (usually the last race of the season for her).  Sue feels that 12 races is tough to complete and likes 10 better.  She has earned the clothing award 4 times and feels that the Challenge is a lot of fun!  Visiting villages along the way and staying in shape; what could be better?


Dick Benner:

Dick Started running in 2005.  He initially started walking to lose weight saw an ad for the Chilly Chill in Cazenovia, deciding to give it a try.  He then did the 5K Mountain Goat and started the same year in the Road Challenge.  This makes the 11th year that Dick is at it!  He trains alone but likes the socialization on race day!  Cross country racing is not his thing so Dick stays on the roads, fortunately he has plenty of races to pick from!  He remembers his first Mountain Goat and Boilermaker because he had to walk some in both but he did not come in last in either one!  Dick’s family was behind him in this endeavor as well as his young “Doogie Howser” Cardiologist!  “Mr. Howser” gave him great encouragement and wished that many of his other patients would do the same!  Running and walking keeps Dick motivated because of the way it makes him feel, both physically and mentally.  Dick enjoys cooking, baking, and eating, so without exercise he says that he would need a bigger house!!  His favorite race is his signature race, the Madison COWnty 5K (MAD.CO.W).  He and his friends started it by coming up with the idea over coffee one morning, after a run.  That was 2009 and they are still amazed at its success today!  Dick is happy to see the Road Challenge where it is today, considering that it offered only a handful of races back in 2001.  He likes the prizes and the three tier system!


April 2015

APRIL 11th - Hamilton/Colgate University
Habitat for Humanity HomeRun 5k Run/Walk & Half-Marathon

Rosie Regan, 914-787-9484,




April 11th,2015

Richfield Springs
R.S. Community Center 10K/5K Run, 2 Mile Walk

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Bill Kosina, 315-749-3286

2015 Information and Application

2015 Race Results


 April 25,2015


Daniel Barden Highland Mudfest

honoring a student who lost his life at Sandy Hook, CT

Dan Williams

315 7257934

May 2015



 May 2nd 2015 Sharon Springs

Run 4 The Hills - 4 mile run/walk benefit

Garth Roberts, 518-928-6998

 May 2nd Hamilton

 2nd annual Fun Run at the Hamilton Municipal Airport
Trail Fun Run & Walk--$10

Leashed pets & children welcome for the walk!


link to website and online registration 

Email Organizers - Diane van Slyke, Clay Skinne, and Harvey Kliman

May 3rd 2015- Cobleskill 1:30 pm
Aggie Scott CROP Walk


2015 Schoharie County Aggie Scott Memorial CROP Walk will start at 1:30 at Zion Lutheran Church in Cobleskill on  Sunday, May 3.  

John Jarvis, 518-234-2933

May 16th 2015 - West Winfield
West Winfield Crop 5K Run, 1 Mile Walk

MaryLou Pustay, 315-822-5237

June 2015

 6/7/15 at 12:00 noon, Clark Sports Center,

13th Annual Cooperstown Girls on the Run 5K

Sally Trosset, 607- 437-1985

June 27th  2015 Chittenango
Yellow Brick Road 8k Run & 5k Walk

Steve Waite, 315-687-7114

2015 Entry Form

2014 Race Results

June 28th - Cazenovia
Little Moe 5K Walk/Run

Ellen Beckerman, 315-882-5490
View Website Here

July 2015


 - Morrisville
5th Annual 5K Race for ChildRUN & 1 Mile Fun Run

Jennifer Britton, 315-684-6400

2014 Results

7/19/2015 - Millers Mills
Millers Mills 5K Sundae Run, 2 Mile Fun Walk and Ice Cream Social
register online
Download Registration Form

Contact :Megan King-Ratcliffe  , 315-292-4144


August 2015

August 1st 2015 - Nelson
MADison COWnty 5K Run/Walk




Dick Benner, 315-655-8591

2014 results

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8/8/2015- Deansboro
Allen Memorial 4 Mile Run and Fun Walk

Janet Dangler , 315-841-4707

NEW for 2015 : Youth Run!

2014 Results

August 8th  - Esperance
Landis Arboretum 5K Forest Run/Walk

David Roy, 315-427-3856
2015 Information

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September 2015

9/13/15 (Sunday)) - Richfield Springs
Falling Footsteps Cross Country (mini-mudder)
5K Run, 1 Mile Walk

Bill Kosina, 315-749-3286


2014 Race Results

Clck here for race results

9/20/15  - Fabius
Bread Run

Contact info: Larry Carr.  email:
Ph.# 243-9144.
Race website is:





September 19th 2015 -

Mary Cleary Memorial 5K Run/Walk

Steve or Karen Cleary for Registration Information
Connie or Dave Bocko for All Other Information
View Website Here

Saturday, September 26. 2015

Madison Hall 5K Run/Walk
Registration form


Kelly Gardner,



- Sherburne
3rd Annual Couch to 5K Fun Run/Walk

Jeff Beaver,

October 2015




Oct 17, 2015- Eaton
Eaton 5K Run/Walk


Craig North, 315-825-5691

About Stephanie Baron



November 7- Cherry Vally- Veteran's Weekend 5k Run/Walk

Whiteman-Hull-Snyder American Legion Post 1360. David Larmouret, 607 264-3747