The Advantages Of A Perfect Communication Structure

The most advance companies have working structures that have been laid done. This includes a perfect communication structure which they reap benefits from. Some of the benefits include easier communication and completion of tasks. Get more benefits of a perfect communication structure in your organization in this article we found online.

Advantages of vertical communication

Without communicating with superior and subordinate, no organization runs a single day. Communication without upper level and the lower level employee is very much essential for organization. Some advantages of vertical communication system are as follows:

  • Conveying message of subordinate: Through upward direction of vertical communication system, the upper level management covey their suggestions, complains and recommendations to the subordinates.
  • Maintains good labor-management relations: There is systematic flow of information under his communication system, so a good relation can be developed between superior and subordinates.
  • Maintains organizational discipline: There is a chain of command in vertical communication system. So, a sense of discipline may be developed among the employees.
  • Explaining policies and plan: Through vertical communication system, upper level management can send the policies and procedures to the subordinates.
  • Effective decision making: Superiors needed various information to take decision making in the organization. With the help of vertical communications, superiors collect information form subordinate.
  • Help in decentralizations: Duties and responsibilities can be delegated among departments thorough vertical communication.


How Are Most Governments Dealing With Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is the new wave of crime in town. There are many groups all over the world that are out to steal from individuals and governments and many people are losing millions of shillings each day. Most governments have started training personnel to help them deal with cyber crimes and bring the culprits to book.

Cyber crime is a truly global criminal phenomenon which blurs the traditional distinction between threats to internal (criminality and terrorist activity) and external (i.e. military) security and does not respond to single jurisdiction approaches to policing. The liability of networks to exploitation for a number of different ends, and the ease with which individuals may move from one type of illegal activity to another suggests that territorialism in all its forms (both of nations and regions, and specific authorities within nations) hinders efforts to successfully combat the misuse of communications technology.

At present, national authorities are overcoming jurisdictional restrictions by coordinating regionally (as in the EU, ASEAN and AMERIPOL nations) or with agencies with similar levels of capability/capacity (as in the Virtual Global Taskforce) to better understand and respond to Internet-facilitated crime.


  • More centralised coordination at regional (e.g. EU) and interregional levels, to streamline the fight against cybercrime.
  • The establishment of virtual taskforces to target internet facilitated organised crime. These should be responsive to the evolving criminal environment – e.g. more permanent groups for information sharing, more ad hoc arrangements for specific operations such as dismantling botnets. In all cases the authorities need to have the flexibility to include a variety of stakeholders (law enforcement, military, private sector, academia, user groups) in order to achieve the desired outcome.


Understanding The Latest Technology In Phones

Most phone developers and manufacturers keep developing on the latest phone they made to make it better and give their clients a nice experience. Most of them will ask for positive and negative reviews from their clients to know which area needs some improvements. Read on to get more insights on the mobile phone technologies.

Understanding Mobile Technology: Networks, Tariffs, Handsets & More

Have you ever wanted to be a more informed mobile phone user? In this section of our website, you can learn everything you need to know to become a mobile expert.

Mobile phones and mobile technology are evolving on a daily basis. With the fast-moving pace and regular changes in the industry, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Which mobile phone network offers the best service? Which tariff will best suit my needs? How can I choose between the latest handsets?

In this section of the website, we’ll go back-to-basics and try to answer these questions. We’ll show you how to compare mobile networks, tariffs and handsets. Find out how to compare mobile network coverage, discover how many gigabytes you need every month and whether 4G technology is really worthwhile. You can also learn more about the important considerations when choosing a smartphone, how telephony works in the UK and about mobile broadband services.


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